Due to the continued and unpredictable Covid 19 pandemic, subsequent variants and assessment of risks, it has again been necessary for the Kirkby Fleetham Feast Committee to take the unfortunate and tough decision to cancel the 120th Feast Show Day that was due to take place on 14th August 2021. The cancellation decision was not taken lightly and will also affect other events which lead up to Show Day, such as the football and the quiz.
We know everyone understands the reason for the cancellation and not staging the 120th Feast is a big disappointment for everyone involved. Nevertheless we will continue to monitor the situation and the Committee are working hard to facilitate the continuance of events such as Quoits, the Fun Run and some other inspirational events throughout the year to mark this milestone occasion within the Covid Regulation restrictions and guidelines. Please keep an eye out for announcements and posters throughout the parish and online for further details.


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