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Feast Day with a Difference  -  8th August


A mini Feast on your own patch

Celebrate the Feast in your own Gardens

What does the Feast mean to You?








As you are aware the Feast we all know and love isn't happening this year due to Covid19 but we cannot let the day pass without some recognition.

We are asking residents to join us and create their own Garden Feast at their front doors or Gardens with 'whatever the Feast means to you' - home baked cakes, flower arrangements, a display of veg, flowers, toys made from plastic, cutouts, afternoon tea, beer and beverages, dog lookalikes  - whatever elements are important to your enjoyment of Feast Day.


If come August 8th we are allowed to gather with social distancing, it might be that we can display our individual mini Feasts on our own 2 metre square of the Village Green.

Keep an eye out for further updates but please diary 8th August for 

'A Feast Day with a Difference'

KF Lockdown Loops


Lockdown Loop- Feast Week Fun Run

With no organised ‘fun run’ this year, why not challenge yourself by running or walking the a similar route in the village area against the clock.

Loops to be completed Sunday 2nd to Sunday 9th August 2020.

Email your time, name, age group and if possible a screenshot of your run or walk to
Your initials and time will be added to the different age group leaderboards on the Kirkby Fleetham Feast 2020 Online Entries Facebook group.

Age groups:

Aged 6-11
Aged 12-17
18 and over

The loop is described below:

Start at village hall paved area, proceed to Kirkby Lane, then to Greengate, turn left at Lumley Lane to head back into the village and finish at village hall paved area. Loop distance 2.13miles/ 3.42km. 

Please adhere to social distancing and stay safe. 

*Under 5s/ Tots toddle*- Lap of the main part of the village green start/finish at the bench beside the tree staying on the grass at all times. 

Please ensure all children stay safe and keep away from the road.

Lockdown loop leaderboard 29/6/2020

Loop 2
1. Ben S: 26mins 43secs
2. Cate B: 27mins 38secs
3. Kay K: 29mins 53secs

Loop 1
1. Ben S: 15mins 35secs
2. Ronan W: 16mins 52secs
3. Rebecca S: 18mins 54secs
4. Kay K: 18mins 58secs
5. Nicki W: 23mins 50secs

Well done to all who took part 👏👏 
Very well done to Ben S. fastest for both loops 👍👍👍

A further lockdown loop is planned for Feast week- watch this space

Feast Covid-19


We are running things a bit differently this year due to the global pandemic and will be running 'doorstep' and 'online' entries.


No entry fee, no prizes - just a bit of fun for the whole community.


Join the

'Kirkby Fleetham Feast 2020 online entries'

group on Facebook to post your online entries or just to have a peek at what your friends and neighbours have entered.


For those of you who like to be prepared we'll be running 2 sets of classes - 'On your Doorstep' and 'Online' this year. 


Online Entries:

Your online entries need to be posted in the Facebook group.


Please post your entries in the group ideally during the last few days of July. All entries to be online by 1st August (the start of Feast week). For those of you who want to get cracking now the classes will be as follows: 


1. Make your own Insect House/Bug Hotel (Photograph in situ)

2. Art – Limerick ‘Lockdown’
3. Crafts – Handmade Greeting Card (Photograph)
4. Tin can bird feeder (Photograph in situ)

5. Photography - 'Vibrant - an explosion of colour'

6. Photography - 'It's a Bug's Life'
7. Photography - 'I Wish I Hadn't Done That!'
8. Photography - 'Water's Edge'
9. Photography - 'Rear View'
10. Photography - 'Best Friends'


On your Doorstep Entries:

Please place these at the front on your house from the 

1st August (no need to place entries online)


1. Flower or vegetable grown in a recycled back pack
2. Flowerpot Person using recycled flower pots
3. Special Family Class – ‘Rabbit’ cut-out - word associated(these can be purchased from 19 Forge Lane,Kirkby Fleetham, DL7 0SA , cost £5 - Available from 1st July 

4. Children age 4 and under - Decorated pot
5. Children age 5 - 7 - Log creature
6. Children age 8 - 11 - Up-cycled dog toy

7. Children age 12 - 15 - Party bunting (1m) 
8. Farmers - Display of grasses/cereals in a jug

Announcement regarding Kirkby Fleetham Feast events during 2020



Due to the COVID 19 Pandemic it has been necessary for the Kirkby Fleetham Feast Committee to take the decision to cancel all forthcoming Feast events. Unfortunately, this will affect the Feast events which lead to up to the Show Day, such as the Football, the Quoits, the Fun Run and the Quiz Night and, of course, the Show Day itself which this year was due to take place on Saturday 8th August.


We know everyone understands the reason for these cancellations and not staging the 119th Feast is a big disappointment for everyone involved. Nevertheless, we will continue to monitor the situation and the Committee are putting their heads together to come up with some inspirational ideas to hold some form of event at the earliest opportunity, and may even look to holding some alternative events during Feast Week, if appropriate and circumstances allow.


We as a committee are determined to support our community and when the time is right, to undertake and present social events so that the Feast as we know it can continue with its traditions. We hope you will support these events and we look forward to coming together again with everyone in a joint effort to enjoy the wonderful community of which we are part!


Stay safe and well until then.


The Feast Committee

Help and Support

There is always a huge amount of work to be done at any event but especially during Feast weekend.


To spread the workload and ensure that all runs smoothly, all offers of help will be gratefully accepted.


If interested, please  use our  Contact Us   link.

Next Feast Meeting


7.30pm in the Village Hall


New members are very welcome to help continue our community tradition.


AGM Minutes January 2020 

AGM Minutes November 2018

AGM Minutes November 2017

AGM Minutes November 2016

If you've had a good time, please come along and find out more about the Feast. We would be delighted to receive ideas and welcome new members.  Any help is always gratefully received. 

All meetings will now be held in

Library, Village Hall at 7.30pm

unless otherwise stated.

Kirkby Fleetham 

Village Green


Saturday 8th August 2020

from 2pm til late


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