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Suggestions of what you may be cultivating, brewing, cooking or fabricating have been posted here, with sections listed below

The full schedule is now available to view & download here.

Download the Class Entry Form here.

Vegetables, Fruit and Flower Section

Well you could virtually grow anything and there would be a class for it. 

Produce 2019

In Memory of Alby Dale 

Potatoes, all sorts of beans, onions and eschalots, carrots, peas and leeks, salad vegetables and tomatoes, not forgetting novices, who have not won first prizes before, who can try a selection of 3 home grown vegetables or fruit, or a vegetable and a flower together - someone must be proud of something.  The novice section for children this year is a home-grown herb garden in a container (min 3 different herbs), or a vase of annuals.

Planted Patio Container.jpg

In Memory of Celia Clarkson 

Flowers range from annuals to pom pom Dahlias, which are in memory of prize winning resident and councillor John Tubby,  sweet peas, pansies, roses and fuschias, plus pots for the patio.  All we need now is some sunshine and only a little bit of rain.

Flower Arranging

Celebrating the "Coronation of King Charles III" this year, plus 'Tiny Treasures' miniature arrangement and "Leaf it to me" featuring fresh foliage (no flowers) -  for beginners "Risen" an arrangement in a small loaf tin. Have a go, you might win!

Produce 2019


Titles in this section are - A Royal Celebration, The Spirit of Kirkby Fleetham, A Grand Occasion, A Question of Sport, Moments in History, Fantastic Beasts - a well supported section - what pictures have you taken in the past year.


Classes include a bottle of cordial, homemade liguer, homebrew and a flavoured gin.  Cocktails of "The Coronation", and a 'Eurovision' cocktail, to be non-alcoholic!



Again a nice selection this year, all pre 1980, we must all have a something tucked away at the back of a book case or in the attic - select an item of memorabilia from a Coronation, an old garden tool, a childhood toy, a wedding photograph and, a glass bottle - next stop Antiques Roadshow!

Any old Branded item.jpg
Produce 2019


Usual classes of wheat, barley, oats, hay and oilseed  rape, plus potatoes and eggs, and grasses or cereals in a jam jar, then also a modern farming photo (you don't have to be a farmer).


Topics this year are a painting in any medium, a drawing in any medium, or a 3D sulpture in any medium. Start composing your limericks for "Eurovision 2023".


Classes this year include any article machine sewn, any wollen item, an item of cross-stich or embroidery, a homemade soft toy, a mended or repaired cloth or woolen item, a piece of handmade jewellery, an upcycled article.  If you've been busy crafting other things, there's an any other handicraft class and a seperate one for men, so have a look and see what class you can enter!

And finally...

Special Family Entry - A scarecrow

This year we're challenging families to put together a named single Scarecrow, which must be between 1ft and 5ft tall.

Mens Handicraft.jpg
Mole Cutout.jpg


In Memory of Ruth McLeod

On your marks, get set, BAKE!   In our bake off tent you will be judged on an decorated "Eurovision" cake, a vegan cake, sourdough loaf, chocolate eclairs, fruit muffins, petit fours, cooked cheescake, any fruit cobbler and a lemon meringue pie - to name but a few! Also a Chocolate Cake using Mrs Thrifty's recipe (provided in the Schedule) - what a choice!


Men's Baking class this year is for a pineapple upside down cake.


Under 16's can have a go at ginger bread kings, rocky road, savoury muffins and mars bar crispy cakes. Yum!


In the preserves section, the usual classes of marmalade, curd, jams, honey and chutney or relish appear together with a jar of pickles and flavoured vinegar

Children's Entries - ages between 4 and 15

Age sections are 4 and under, 5-7, 8-11, and 12-15.  More information and more classes in the Schedule.


Lots of  free time activity here. Under 4's can make a handprint picture, a decorated crown, a playdoh model or a collage. Older 5-7's can get creative making a lego sulpture, a painting of "The Coronation", A photo montage of your life, vegitable garden in a tin lid and more!  8-11's can be imaginative in making an upcycled item or a drawing of thier favourite character from a book plus lots of other art and crafty ideas, 12- 15's can also make a comic book style drawing or painting, an upcycled football or get creative with a selfie in an unusual (but safe!) place.


There's many more classes and details in the schedule, so click the link above or get one and be creative.  Don't forget the Fancy Dress in the Arena too.

Lego Model.jpg
Produce 2019
Fancy Dress.jpg
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