Exhibitor Information - 2019

Show Marquee opens for exhibitors at 8.30am on Saturday 10th August 2019.

All exhibitors to leave the Marquee by 10.25am.

Judging starts at 10.30am.

Official Opening at 2pm.

Marquee opens to the public.

Prize Money available for collection from 3pm.

First prize £3, Second £2, Third £1 unless otherwise stated


Raffle Results & Prize Giving 4.35pm


Show Marquee closes 5pm, all exhibits to be removed by 5.30pm.

Entry forms are printed in the Schedule, available online, from the HUB or 19 Forge Lane, they should be returned to : 19 forge Lane or The HUB. Entry fees are 50p per entry, unless otherwise stated. Entries to children's classes are free to those under 16 on Show Day.

Entries close 12.30pm on Thursday 8th August 2019

Late Entries will be penalised at a charge of £2 per entry.

Separate Entry Forms are available for Classes 27 & 49 only and should be received no later that 12.30pm on 31st July.  Mutually convenient times will be arranged for the judge to visit gardens during the first week of August.